Day 27: the devil’s in the details…

by Mhairi Simpson on September 27, 2014

Today I am trimming the cards where I marked them up yesterday. Turns out my paper cutter is brilliant on brute force stuff and not so good on finicky, trimming-type stuff. So I’m sat here with ninety cards and a pair of embroidery scissors. No idea where my paper scissors are but these are more than up to the job. I’m very proud of the Dunkirk spirit permeating my tools at the moment.

I’m not so proud of my cutting skills. The tools are awesome but the ability to cut along a straight line is not one of my gods-given skills, to be quite honest. Still, the purpose will be served. The cards will be closer to the same size as each other than before. So that’s fine.

Then it’s on to the numbering system, which requires me to guess roughly where the half millimetre mark would be on my ruler – this is far more up my alley. And then… INKING!!! And maybe some more drawing. I’ve got thirty-eight more cards to produce, might as well get started.

I’m rather looking forward to the numbering part (which doesn’t actually use numbers, since this game has no text at all) – I have a spreadsheet for this system, people. It’s very serious.

And my hand hurts from the scissor action, but I don’t care. Enjoying every minute…


28 days to go…

by Mhairi Simpson on September 26, 2014

I’m on a twenty-eight day countdown to Bristolcon. This is where I will be playtesting Be A Bard again (I’ve actually got a table in the Games Room, if you’re coming track me down!) and I want it to be a vast improvement on the deck people saw at FantasyCon. That ended up a bit rushed as I only had three days to ink everything and a few hours to cut the cards out before I headed up to York. But that’s okay. All I needed was a basic prototype so that people could see what I was going on about.

Mission accomplished.

Now, of course, comes Stage Two.

Stage Two requires a rather more polished product because, let’s face it, a number of people saw the basic one and gave feedback on it and it’s rather encumbent on me to show I’ve a/taken that onboard and b/given a damn about general appearances. And, if I’m totally honest, I want it to look pretty.

So today is pencil and ruler and maths day. It involves taking every single card (currently ninety-seven of them, although there are a further twenty coming) and re-ruling the borders. The borders have to be 3mm wide on all sides (yes, they really do) and I want the cards to be about the same size because it really does just look SO MUCH BETTER. When I cut them out, as it was my paper cutter’s maiden voyage, it didn’t always go according to plan, so now I get to tidy them up and re-do any which are beyond saving (currently, that’s why I’m only re-ruling ninety-seven cards and not a hundred – three of them are beyond redemption).

The funny thing is, even though it’s very repetitive and makes my back hurt, I’m really rather enjoying this! The perfectionist in me enjoys marking things up so that they’re just so, marking where I’ll need to trim off any excess so that the deck looks more professional by the end of it. LOVING IT.

Loving it loving it loving it, I’m loving it like that…


What now? Levelling up…

September 22, 2014

I’ve been feeling a bit weird for the last couple of days. Listless, unfocussed, unable to work on anything consistently. I thought maybe I was stretching myself too thin – after all, I’m effectively launching about four businesses simultaneously (a couple of which seem to be going places without any promotional effort on my part). […]

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The Water Guardian is live!!

September 13, 2014

I am aware this post should have gone up yesterday. I spent most of yesterday trying to stop my mother’s dog from barking and didn’t think of it until this morning. So, YAY!!! THE WATER GUARDIAN is live!! I’m sorry if I’ve already mentioned this, but this is my first release in a year, and […]

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September 8, 2014

Yep, it’s finally here, my first new release in nearly a year, and the first one in nearly two years under this particular pen name. Behold, the cover for THE WATER GUARDIAN:   Subscribe to the comments on this post Bookmark in Browser

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The Great Life Experiment

August 23, 2014

This is where I find out how good I can really be. My head is all mushed about at the moment. Not exactly confused, because I’m very clear on a number of things, like the fact that I love helping people, and the fact that whenever I really put myself out for someone, it’s completely not […]

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Day 4: the first wall and having no limits

August 22, 2014

So, we have hit the first wall – specifically that I have completely run out of money. I’m actually okay with it because I would be in this position even if I were still employed. Running out of money in the middle of the month is, I’m sure, nothing new to many people. It may seem […]

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Taking the big leap. And BADASS UNICORNS.

August 19, 2014

There are times in your life when you have plenty to say but none of it is really appropriate for public consumption. Let’s just say the last few months have been rather stressful and leave it at that. I am now self-employed (not quite officially yet – I still need to register for taxes) and […]

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Peace and fear and the fine line between

July 11, 2014

I am curiously at peace this morning. The paintings still look as I remembered them, even in daylight. I have filled in a form which will bring me several hundred (very well-timed) pounds. The new banner also still looks gorgeous. I feel very proud of yesterday’s creative achievements, even though there was no writing. I […]

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Rejoining the community at ROW80

July 9, 2014

I’m actually a sponsor for this round. If you haven’t heard of ROW80, it stands for A Round Of Words In Eighty Days and you can find out more about it here. You can also join the fun whenever you like, just jump in Right! Here are my goals for this round: – to get […]

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