Not-Exactly-Flash Fiction Friday

by Mhairi Simpson on February 5, 2016

It’s been a while since I put any fiction up on here. Thought I’d share a snippet from the current work in progress instead. This is page 7 (originally double-spaced, in case you’re wondering why it’s so short) of The Pearly Light:

This was life at its purest, ground and air and light burning in her blood. It was almost too much too bear and she let it leak, just a little, flashing around her hooves, sparkling against the earth as her body’s stores of moonlight drove her faster and faster.
The tree line approached too soon and she couldn’t stop in time, so she didn’t even try. Instead, she fired between two huge elms and rocketed down a shady trail, relaxed in the knowledge that it ran clear for another two miles. Which was why a fallen tree came as a big surprise about half a mile down, its massive trunk several feet higher than her head. There was no time to change direction and certainly no way to stop. She never hesitated. Pearly light exploded from her hooves as she rammed every ounce of moonlight she held down into her legs and launched herself into the air.
Split bark coloured the trail grey-brown beneath her as she floated over it. Running and jumping at these speeds were great fun. Landing, not so much. Too late, she realised she should have held back some moon for the landing and screamed as she hit the ground hard enough to drive the bones of her forelegs into her shoulders. She crashed to the ground, gasping and sweating, biting down on her tongue to keep from screaming again. It would take Digrenn a while to catch up. Half human, he lacked the gene which enabled him to draw down the moon and was limited to normal equine speeds. As such he didn’t enjoy running with Dina much. He was probably already in skin, just enjoying a quiet walk across the meadow. There was no point in upsetting him by screaming more.

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Be A Bard – Old Wizard

by Mhairi Simpson on January 25, 2016

Be A Bard is a storytelling game based on stories, nonsense and sabotaging your friends. Each player plays a card and continues the story based on what’s on the card, the object of the game being to lose all your cards.

Here on the site, it’s a bit simpler than that. The story starts from one card, in this case the old wizard below, and then everyone does what they like.

Wizard with staff

“The Bard relates that Kafkis was having a bad day. Someone had broken the egg on top of his staff, which meant his hairwashing spell was useless.”

What happens next? You decide! Let us know in the comments and continue the story!

If you’d like to download the print and play PDF, just go here. If you’d like to stay up to date on the game, for instance when orders open again for printed decks, please go here.

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Be A Bard – Stars

January 11, 2016

Today our story begins with stars. Please feel free to join the story in the comments! “As the stars aligned, so did the temples and the crocodiles knew what that meant. One by one, two by two, thousands by thousands, they gathered in the rivers, waiting for the sunrise…”   What happens next? You decide! […]

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Knowing what you’re doing

January 7, 2016

Did you set some goals/resolutions/intentions around New Year’s Eve or the following day? Have you reviewed your progress yet? I know at least three people just looked at the date and thought, what the f***, Mhairi, it’s only 7th January!! Give us a fighting chance!! The thing is, how do you know if you’re moving […]

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The Wednesday Word – KARIT

January 6, 2016

Welcome back to the Wednesday Word. (Disclaimer: all words are a product of my imagination. If you should find any Wednesday Word in a dictionary, a/ shame on you for looking it up and not making up your own definition and b/ I didn’t know it was there.) Today’s word: KARIT Adjective (formal): Discreet elegance, understated and […]

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Bacon and a new laptop

January 5, 2016

I have no idea why I’m putting these two things together in a blog post – I’m certainly not going to bring them into contact with each other in the physical world. The bacon is already in my stomach, anyway, and…moving on. There is one connection – both bacon and laptop have made me happy […]

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Be A Bard – Celtic Altar

January 4, 2016

Be A Bard is a storytelling card game. You play a card and tell the story according to what’s on the card, the object being to lose all your cards. And no, it’s not quite that simple but that’s the gist of it. Today we will riff off the below image – Celtic Altar. Join […]

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Pivot points and shooting for the moon

January 1, 2016

The beginning of a new year is definitely a pivot point, a place you can stand and turn in any direction you please. Personally, I’m not a fan of looking backwards but it’s helpful when figuring out what you want to do going forwards. Isn’t there a saying about people who don’t study history are […]

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Can a creative business be fun?

November 25, 2015

This question is very much on my mind. Bard is, of course, a creative product at heart. It’s all about putting people in touch with their creativity in what I hope is a very creative way. Creativity is what it’s all about. But it can’t be ignored that it is also a product. I’ll be […]

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Where to start when you don’t know where to start

November 24, 2015

Everything’s just crazy. I don’t know what’s going on. Everything’s happening at once and yet nothing is happening at all. It’s infuriating and terrifying and I don’t know where to start. This isn’t one of those, “It was a cold day in June in 1995 and I didn’t know what to do…BUT I DID THIS […]

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